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Mr. Saurang Pandya is a Career Coach, Business Coach, a Self-help Author and professional Public Speaker. He helps students & working professionals to choose a Perfect Career for them and achieve their career goals through his coaching/training & consulting. He also helps business owners to take their business to the next level. His coaching sessions are really inspiring and result-oriented.

On the other hand, he conducts inspirational and life-changing seminars and workshops for people. He also conducts training programs for corporate, small & medium companies, clubs, schools, colleges, institutions and spiritual organizations. His clients list includes students, housewives, working employees, professionals, businessmen and companies.

He extremely believes that God has gifted everyone with amazing TALENTS & UNLIMITED POWER to change his/her life but people fail to do so because very few people know the TALENTS and POTENTIAL they have within themselves. Through his events and one-on-one coaching sessions, he makes people realize their talents, skills & power and ultimately leave a positive impact on people's lives.    


Our vision is to make a positive difference in people's lives and enable everyone on this planet to live a wonderful life and inspire others.

We want everyone to take control of their life so that people can be more happy, productive and inspiring in their personal as well as professional life.

Here is what our clients have to say...

Viral _o.jpg

Viral Umate

Saurang Pandya is the best when it comes to Career Coaching. His coaching really helped me to understand myself deeply.

Manil Pradhan_n.jpg

Manil Pradhan

I got very good guidance about my future and career options. Now, I know my inborn talents & skills.

Gaurang Prabhakar

I would strongly recommend everyone to go for Saurang Pandya's Coaching. I'm satisfied with the guidance he gave me for my life & career.

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